The teaching method is a result of 20 years of experiences, based on many music influences: Blues, rock, Jazz, Irish, folk...

The method is mostly a hearing method: students do not need specific knowledge of music, nor to be able to read music.

You will learn all the techniques to build solid skills on harmonica. The method is adapted to each students and move toward the needs and the feelings of everyone. You will develop your own style. Also you will learn how to play with other musicians and improvise.

You will learn every genres of music from the very old blues (Sonny Terry, Sonny boy Williamson, Little Walter), jazz (Howard Levy, Carlos del Junco), Irish traditional, Folk (Bob Dylan) and Country (Charlie Mccoy).


September to December
January to March
April to June


No experience on harmonica. Basic techniques, rhythm, first bends.
Basic knowledge of harmonica. Bending technique, learning positions, improvisation, blues scales, intermediate songs.
Comfortable on harmonica. Tongue blocking, overblows & overdraws, jazz scales, improvisation, amplification, advanced songs.